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This site used to be Simon Bisleys official site.For reasons unknown the site was abandoned and now we have used the domain name to dedicate the site to his hot and sexy pics of incredible hot and nasty chicks.


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Simons Toon Comic's has served two years in the Peace Corps. He has also been one of Jay Lenos guests, as well as appearing on 60 Minutes on CBS. He also found a lot of time he was making cartoon porn for everyone more than 1,000 if not more all that time wasted he was told

Simon Bisley's birth, March the 4th 1962, marked one of the darkest days in all of England, and the empire mourned. They knew that "WHAT" had been brought into the world would forever tarnish its "Royal Reputation" once the planet discovered that one of the greatest fantasy artists of all time would reside on their soil.
Simon, a natural talent, according to this "Mum", started to draw as soon as he could hold a crayon and usually didn't require paper as long as the house had walls around it.

One of Simon's first jobs was as a construction worker and says, "There's nothing like digging ditches to really inspire an artist to make a go of it!" He shortly thereafter began working for the United Kingdom company Fleetway where he cut his "Cartooning Teeth" as "Steve Bisley" on a new black and white, weekly series entitled, "The ABC Warriors," much to the fans delight!

After convincing the editors (and accountants) at Fleetway his name was "Simon Bisley," and wanting to really break away from the pack, he developed his own insanely fast painting style, inspired by some of his heroes such as, Richard Corben and Frank Frazetta, and went to work on new series called "Slaine!" The fans went crazy!

People all over the island were blown away by the style and craftsmanship of this kid (even inspiring folks like Mel Gibson, who later used it for specific reference in a little film he did called BraveHeart) but he still ha done more local mountain to conquer..."Judge Dredd," the most popular Brit character since the Queen.

After accepting awards for nearly all of his work on the above titles, he now wanted to focus his ass kicking talents on America. His first efforts with the DC comic character "Lobo" not only brought him legions of new followers, (and more awards), but lead him to the front door of one of the greatest cross over graphic Novels of all time, "Batman VS Judge Dredd!"

After the world wide success of "Slaine" and "Dredd" and "Batman / Dredd" it was on to a series of other crazy projects like the Graphic Novel "The Melting Pot" with Kevin Eastman and Eric Talbot, another graphic novel "BodyCount: A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventure" published by Image Comics and a new series for Heavy Metal entitled "Simon Coldwater."

When development began on the next Heavy Metal Movie project, nearly fifteen years after the first one was released, Eastman put "The Melting Pot, and Julie Strain inspired character FAKK2" into the fantastic Simon Bisley blender, with expected spectacular results. Nearly four years later the movie is completed and scheduled for release during the summer of 2000, for all of the world to judge how well the animators adapted his concepts.

Simon's special interest was his heavy metal drawings and contrary to rumour never delved into the cartoon xxx scene, I guess he could have been a fan of cartoon porn .His pics of Hot and nasty and Naked Toon girls certainly indicate that and he soon drew to him a following for purveyors of such. Certainmly there has been a lot of home made toon porn cartoons in last 10 years.
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